This Ultimate Dog Feeding Station Holds Everything You’ll Need For Your Pooch

September 8, 2022

If your dog feeding area is like mine, it’s the dirtiest corner of the house, with puddles, crumbs, and spilled dog food everywhere. This unique all-in-one dog feeding station will help organize your dog feeding area, while keeping it extra clean. It puts everything you’ll need to feed your dog all in one spot, and everything closes, so when your dog isn’t feeding, it can look just like a normal piece of cabinetry.

The dog feeding station has a giant drawer in the middle that can hold all of your dog food. Just pour in your food from the bag, and shovel it out as needed. Beneath that, is another drawer where the dog bowls are located.

You can pull out the dog bowls as needed, and keep the area nice and tidy when they aren’t eating by pushing the drawer back in.Pull Out Bowl Tray keep odor and freshness for food and Water.

Above the giant dog food drawer is a couple shelves where you can store dog treats, extra dog toys, or other dog accessories that you often need to access throughout the day.

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