Frisco Jungle Pals Plush & Rope Variety Pack Dog Toy

Frisco Jungle Pals Plush & Rope Variety Pack Dog Toy

Why give your dog one toy when you could give them a whole bunch? The Frisco Jungle Pals Dog Toy Variety Pack includes six toys for your dog, including both plush and rope options. The toys are best for small- and medium-sized dogs, and the pack includes two jungle-themed plushies, two rope toys, a plush bone and a squeaky ball. Plus, the best part is that the set is much less expensive than buying all the toys individually.

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Pups everywhere go wild for playtime, so let them have even more fun with a menagerie of toys, specially selected just for them. This bundle pack comes with 6 toys to unleash your pup’s play potential—a plush bungee giraffe, plush squeaky monkey, plush bone, twisty rope toys and a squeaky plush ball. It’s everything your pup needs to get playtime started, from textures that grab their attention to sounds that keep them in the game, and soft materials that are perfect for cuddling too. Take the guesswork out of spending quality time together with this play-ready assortment of toys, so you can keep your dog happily active and wagging!

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