JW Tumble Teez Puzzler Treat Dispenser

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Tumble Teez

Tumble Teez is designed with a patented puzzly internal maze. Treats and kibble travel through the maze sporadically dispensing through the bottom opening, keeping your dog on his toes for a brain-teasing good time.

  • Puzzle Treat Dispenser: The Puzzler treat dispenser dog chew toy has an internal maze that food travels along, sporadically dispensing treats or kibble to extend treat time and keep your puppy on their toys
  • Entertaining and Enriching: This enriching chew toy helps keep your puppy entertained as they work to get out every treat; Available in multiple sizes and colors, this toy encourages play and reduces anxiety
  • JW Puppy Toy Collection: Designed especially for puppies, our full line of versatile and durable chew, tug, and fetch toys were made to meet the unique developmental needs of your puppy
  • Intelligent Designs, Happy Pets: JW pet products are designed to improve the lives of pets and owners; Try our full line of dog treat dispensers, squeaker toys, brushes, interactive cat toys and more


These durable rubble toys have a bit of a maze inside, so dogs have to roll and tumble them around in order to release treats. They’re a great way to introduce pups to treat dispensers because they aren’t incredibly difficult.

Chew Toys

There are three sizes so, with the small size suitable for pets under 15 pounds, large for those over 40, and medium for pups in between. It can be difficult to fill the toy if you’re putting in more than a few treats and it’s very hard to wash because of the maze inside. The rubber is very strong and can be used like a chew toy. (But as always, take it away if your dog is able to remove pieces.)

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