Shingoql Durable Dog Chew Toys Aggressive Chewer with Squeaky Octopus Pet Toy for Small/Medium Dog Clean Teeth and Interactive (Pink)


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  • (Interactive dog toy): You can put dog food in the bayonet, and then apply toothpaste and peanut butter on the surface. The product is easy to clean. The owner can also release pressure by squeezing. You can use toys to interact with dogs to enhance your relationship.
  • (High quality and high durability): We have always put the dog’s experience and health as the most important, so we use natural environmentally friendly rubber, the product is bite-resistant and safe, and is a high-quality choice for dogs.
  • (After-sales service guarantee): We value customer experience. Dogs are sometimes unpredictable, if there is any quality problem with the product, please contact us and we will be happy to replace or refund you.
  • (Healthy design): It can reduce aggressive bites and clean teeth by themselves. Without any other smell, reduce the irritation of smell to dogs. Noise will not be easily generated, reducing the fright of the dog. This dog chew toy can improve the dog’s oral hygiene and increase the dog’s comfort, reduce the dog’s boredom and stress, and reduce the owner’s worry.
  • (Unique shape): With a design patent, the shape is unique, beautiful, compact and portable. The design of the tentacles can make it bounce irregularly. This product can attract the attention and interest of the dog.

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Product Name: Classic Voice Dog Toothbrush

Size:2.76in*2.76in*2.40in/ 7 cm*7 cm*6.1cm

Weight: 70g

Material: TPR

Recommended use time: 10-15 minutes

Suitable for: small and medium-sized dogs (large dogs can also be used)

Dogs are our human beings’ best friends and children, so in order to get along with them better, we will provide them with better food, life and toys, so that they can grow up healthy and happy while accompanying us. On the one hand, your precious dog must be full of energy and needs to be liberated. This chew toy can allow your dog to divert energy here. On the other hand, you can also take this opportunity to interact with your dog and get your dog’s teeth clean. We bring you the role of this product?

1.Dog Training Toy Dogs are people’s most loyal friends. Through squeaking function, they attract the dog’s attention. Through continuous training, the dog’s trust in the owner is increased, the tacit understanding between the dog and the person is cultivated,and the dog can feel the owner. Love for it.

2.Dog Teeth Cleaning Toy 360° scientific teeth cleaning, zigzag-shaped molar convex design, you can more perfect squeeze toothpaste or peanut butter, when the dog starts to chew the product, the dog’s tartar and dental dirt are also automatically cleaned, it is recommended to use no more than 15 minute.

3.Dog Squeaky Toys For Aggressive Chewers A dog chewing toy made of wear-resistant and durable environmentally friendly and safe plastic. The use of materials and the careful production process of the product increase the service life of the product.

Note: Supervise the dog when using the toy. The dog’s teeth are healthy and beautiful. No matter how indestructible the product is, there is a risk of damage to prevent the dog from swallowing debris.

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