Dog Squeaky Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers,Indestructible Durable Dogs Teeth Cleaning Chews Toys for Large/Medium Dog,Toughest Natural Rubber Dog Chewer Toys(Orange)


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  • 5.【SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】If there is a problem with your order, don’t worry, we will serve you online 24 hours a day. Hurry up and prepare a gift for your dog!
  • 1.【Excellent quality】Dog chew toys are made of 100% high-quality rubber. Durability is the first element of pet toys. Our dog toys can effectively provide long-term cleaning and playing time.
  • 2.【Interesting design】The interesting shark appearance and squeaky design can easily arouse the dog’s interest, and develop the habit of chewing, which helps to satisfy the dog’s instinctive needs and release extra energy. The texture is soft enough to support the dog’s repeated biting and chewing without damaging the pet’s teeth.
  • 4.【Best game choice】Choose this dog chewing shark toy to bring fun to your dog. It can perfectly solve the itching problem in the process of dog tooth replacement, and it is also very suitable for aggressive and anxious dogs.
  • 3.【HEALTH & SAFETY】New toy dog toothbrush is designed to clean the dog’s mouth. It is made of environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic and harmless natural rubber. Add toothpaste or food in the groove, and the dog can achieve self-cleaning when chewing. You can easily get rid of the trouble of puppy brushing!

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Dog Squeaky Toys chew toy-when biting the toy, it will make a sound to attract the dog’s attention and increase its interest.


product information:

Full details:

✦ The dense shark teeth on the front side ensure the cleanness of the dog’s teeth

✦The screaming mouth design at the bottom, when the dog bites the dog toy, the dog toy will squeak to attract and maintain the dog’s attractiveness

✦Tail-linear groove and fin-shaped fish tail, can effectively massage the dog’s gums

✦Back-large area flat design to ensure that the dog’s teeth are not damaged

Size: 6.9*2.4*2.4 inches, 220g

Color: orange

Material: 100% natural rubber


You can do this:

Fill dog toys with snacks, favorite foods, toothpaste, beef sauce, peanut butter

Attract dogs to chew on their own


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