Goody Box Holiday Dog Toys

Goody Box

Just when we thought the holidays couldn’t possibly get better, your pooch now has their very own holiday-themed Goody Box! Turn your home into their winter wonderland with plenty of ways to celebrate—from winter-themed playmates to the coolest, tastiest treats around, and even a snazzy holiday-inspired bandana with reindeer and candy cane graphics! Looks like Santa might have some competition this time around!

holiday gifts for dogs

Did your dog make it onto Santa’s “Nice List” this year? If so, your good boy or girl definitely deserves a Goody Box! These curated boxes from Chewy get two paws up from our reviewers, as they’re packed full of top-rated toys and treats from the brand. Each box contains five or more items at a discounted price, and Chewy frequently introduces fun seasonal boxes for both large and small dogs, as well as puppies.

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