WeatherBeeta 300D Deluxe Reflective Parka

Dog Coat

The WeatherBeeta 300D Deluxe Reflective Parka is the best jacket for walks up to an hour in freezing temperatures, longer jaunts in the 40s and 50s, and rain that’s heavy enough to make you put the hood up on your own raincoat. Well-insulated and durable, it’s easy to put on a variety of dog shapes, and it stays in place. Even though it isn’t the warmest coat we tested, its quality and insulation are on a par with those of jackets costing almost twice as much.

The WeatherBeeta’s attachment system works with a variety of dog sizes and shapes—and the Velcro is high enough off the ground that it won’t get dirty easily.

The WeatherBeeta goes over a dog’s head and stretches the entire length of the pup, anchored in place by two elastic loops around the rear legs. You secure it with a T-shaped connector that runs from the neck of the dog, down its front, and then up either side of the jacket, where you secure it with Velcro. This design gives your dog more coverage than any other coat we tested except for the Hurtta styles, and it helps keep more of your dog dry in the rain.

A bright orange coat means it’s easier to spot your pup.

The WeatherBeeta has a few extra features that make it a good all-around coat. It has an opening on the back to allow a leash or harness through for walks, and it won’t slide around or chafe thanks to its adjustable attachment system. It also comes in a bright orange color: If you’re taking your dog out with you at night, somewhere people are hunting, or to a place where you might have trouble seeing it, don’t worry—that orange is loud.


Dog Crocs Are Now A Thing, And Your Dog Probably Wants Them

Crocs have been around for just a couple of decades now, and they have since taken the world by storm. The breathable, silicone shoes feature a variety of colors for its comfortable design, making them the perfect hybrid shoe-sandal for all humans – despite how polarizing they can be in some social circles. Perhaps most upsetting of all when it comes to Crocs, however, is that they only offer these delightful shows for humans. Until now!

You can now find Crocs for your dog or Crocs for your cat in four exciting colors, so you and your furry friend can match and enjoy breathable shoes together!

These dog Crocs come in pairs or in packs of four, and they include either pink, blue, green, or yellow sets. They also look identical to real Crocs, so your dog can look as hip as a human!While they’re mostly for cosmetic appeal, your dog may just end up liking themMore than likely, however, they’ll struggle out of them right after you catch the perfect snapshot. Either way, they’ll still make for the perfect photo op!

The Dog Crocs are perfect walks over rough terrain that would normally bother your dogs feet!

The Dog Crocs are also great for just lounging around the house!

The Dog Crocs make the perfect photo op that anyone would love to see on social media!


Harness Dress for Small Dogs Cute Dog Pet Girl Puppy Summer Clothes

Dog Plaid Dress on Leash, Available in 4 Different Colors: Pink, Sky Blue, Navy Blue and Burgundy, Elegant and Fresh, Plenty of Quantity, Rich Colors to Meet Your Everyday Wearing and Changing Needs, Will Be an Ideal Gift Choice for Your Pet .

These doggy dresses adopt a button design on the back, easy and convenient for you to take off and dress your furry little princess; Besides, the bow on the back has a metal D shaped ring, so the metal hook of the leash can be easily buckled, you can take your pet out to better control the movement of them, preventing your dog from slipping or running lost, useful and beautiful.

This plaid puppy girl skirt features a classical plaid design, simple and elegant, and the big bow can add a sweet feeling to your furry friends, making them attractive and charming; Not only can it be applied to daily life, but it can also be worn for various kinds of occasions, like pet’s birthdays, weddings, travelings, festivals, holiday parties and so on; Your little furry princess will stand out from the crowd.

Dog dress harnesses are comfortable and skin-friendly, reliable and secure, and sturdy enough for long-term use and great outdoors. Plus, you can share them with your family and close friends.

Clothes Supplies

Choosing The Right Dog House

If your dog enjoys spending time outdoors, a proper dog house is a must for his happiness, health, and well-being. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry at all times, selecting the perfect dwelling takes the right amount of thought and planning.

So what do you look for in a dog house? Do you want a simple one or would you prefer an insulated dog house to help shield your pet from cooler temperatures. To start, size is the most important factor. Big dogs need bigger dog houses. Your pet must be able to comfortably fit inside. All the features in the world will do him no good if he or she can’t fit. Your dog should be able to stand, turn around, and lie down easily.


Wood is the best and most common material for dog houses construction. Metal and plastic absorb heat and cold, fluctuating with the weather and providing a less-than-perfect environment in extreme weather conditions. When choosing wood, make sure it is not pressure treated and be wary of any toxic substances, such as paint and stains. A good rule of thumb is that if it is safe for kids, then it is safe for your dog. It is also important to look for any sharp edges on the house and to make sure any hardware is well concealed to minimize the chances of your dog getting hurt and needing a trip to the vet.


Some luxury details are more practical than indulgent, such as an elevated floor, which will help control parasites and reduce the chances of flooding. Made from heavy-duty, water-resistant canvas, floor pads add extra insulation and comfort to the inside of the house. Also, weather flaps or doors help break the wind and blowing rain. A hinged roof makes clean-up a snap for the owner, and operable windows can add comfort and ventilation during summer months.

So when shopping for a dog house, remember that one size doesn’t fit all, safety comes first, and it’s okay to splurge for what really matters!

The Petmate Extreme Log Cabin provides an outdoor shelter for pets year-round. Featuring a weather-resistant construction, the dog cabin’s sealed protective coating, off-center entrance, raised floor and slanted asphalt roof keep pets comfortable and dry throughout the year. The solid wood and stainless-steel hardware provide long-lasting, durable protection for pets. The pet log cabin’s adjustable feet balance easily on various types of surfaces for simple, worry-free placement. Made with a wood finish and black edges, the Extreme Log Cabin’s traditional design provides a beautiful addition to any backyard. The cabin assembles easily in three quick steps. The Extreme Log Cabin is available in small, medium, large, and giant to accommodate all sizes of pets.

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